A downloadable breakup

A Board Game by Barbara, Cem, Murat and Zeynep for BUG Game Jam 2016


We assume you want your partner to break up with you. It's okay to be a coward, we are all Fools in Love. If you want to practice for the big talk, you can download and print this game and play it with a conspirator.

Or directly with your partner. Really, it won't make a difference.

All the downloadables are provided as pdf, ready to be read and printed. It's still not entirely finished though... workaround for your own DIGNITY Board if your not me, who owns the original? Draw a 7x1 grid, grab a cigarette butt and place it in the middle of it as a game token. When you and your partner start fighting, the person playing the highest card moves the token towards their own side. The one to reach their own end of the board or to meet the specs on their winning condition card, wins the game and is successfully broken up with.


This game is rated R for Randomly Graphic, Violent, Sexual and Politically Incorrect. If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, you might enjoy this game.

If you're Donald Trump, you won't.

DIGNITY was created (to prevent people from doing really stupid things. jk.) for the first ever joint Game Jam between BUG Masters and BUG Jr of Bahcesehir University Game Lab. The Theme was "It's Not You, It's Me."

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreCard Game
TagsBoard Game, Crafting, Game Jam, relationship


What is DIGNITY? - Presentation 3 MB
DIGNITY the game (lose yours) 54 MB
DIGNITY Game Design Document and somewhat Rule Book 107 kB

Install instructions


Suggestion: If you got this game to play it and don't own any card board, but a past with trading card games, print out the cards on regular paper and put the cut-outs into those rad protective plastic foils. Use cards with high mana for special impact!

Enjoy DIGNITY for as long as you can keep it <3

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